Summer Fun

Poppy is tired! I’m sitting in the airport waiting to fly back to Green Bay, Wisconsin after a wonderful seven days in New York with my family. Over the past week we picked cherries, played in the sandbox, visited Uncle Dan and Aunt Katie in Rochester, swam in the pool, read a pile of books, hunted hufalumps, captured a hufalump egg, went hiking, painted, chased dinosaurs at the zoo, picked blueberries, eaten ice-cream at Snow Top, explored the Corn Hill Art Festival, went to a David’s Refuge picnic, snuggled, giggled and explored. Yes, I am tired. So today’s blog is simply a collage of some of the highlights. What have been the highlights of your summer? Share a picture! I would love to see them.



One comment on “Summer Fun

  1. Gerry DiCosimo

    So happy for you…wonderful blessings🤗

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