Looking to the Future: Where do you see us?

compass 10 yearsHave you ever had a question stuck in your head that just won’t go away?  Here are a few that have been bumbling around in my mind for the past six months or so.

  1. How big should David’s Refuge grow?
  2. Who do we need to hire to accomplish that growth?
  3. As we expand our sphere of influence how do we hold firm to our mission and vision?
  4. What will David’s Refuge look like in five years?  Or ten?
  5. How much will all this cost?
  6. Where will we find the money to finance our growth?

Great questions that all beg to be answered. I wonder how you would answer these questions.  As you think of David’s Refuge what would you say we will look like in five years or ten?  Do you have an opinion as to how big we should grow or who we should serve, or how we could do a better job at accomplishing our mission?  I would love to hear from you.  Your input and perspective would be very helpful.

This Saturday (03/01/14) a group of board members, volunteers, providers, and past guests are going to meet to begin the process of helping us answer these questions. Our goal is to create a strategy that can be passed on to our Board of Directors that will give us some tracks to run on for the next five to ten years. I would love to share your thoughts and ideas with this incredible group of people.  Would you take a few minutes right now and answer one or all of the questions that are keeping me awake at night.  You just might be the answer to my sleepless nights! 🙂  All you need to do is click in the box under “Leave a Reply” and share with me your ideas, thoughts, or comments.  I’m looking forward to a good night’s rest!

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    Praying for you all as you listen for God’s voice in your vision casting!

  2. Bruce Bell

    Warren, as a starter.

    You are asking great questions as you look at the future and do your planning.

    How Big? What are the needs? Where are the needs? What is being done by other organizations to meet those needs? If you served 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 couples with needs, what would this require in resources (people, money, facilities) and are you up to growing this big? Could you, at some time, team up with another larger organization, for example, like Billy Graham to meet needs, sort of a division of the larger? If you are successful, the money will be there.

    Holding firm to mission and vision? What is your culture and what would others say it is? We had to “nail” ours. Outside the organization it’s our reputation, inside the organization it’s our culture (how we relate to one another, caring, Christian, have fun, concern, “do unto others etc.) How do you grow and stay small at the same time?

    I will do some more thinking and get back. Love Dad

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  3. davidsrefuge

    Thanks Dad for your reflections! I look forward to hearing the rest. And a huge thanks to Snappin’ Ministries for all they do to minister to families.

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