Please Pray for Us!

I just got off the phone with our pastor in Bonita Springs, Florida.  He is kayaking around his neighborhood, his phone is about to die, there is no electricity, all the stores are closed, and he can’t find gas for his car.  I can only imagine how overwhelmed he feels.  While the storm has passed, and it could have been much worse, there are many who still need our help and prayers.

Thankfully, Brenda and I are safe and sound in New York with our family.  We have had neighbors tell us that there is no visible damage to our house but we don’t know if there was any roof damage or if water got into our home.  We sit glued to the TV watching report after report of loss and devastation.  We pray for our friends, we wonder how long it will take for life to return to “normal”, and we wrestle with a low grade anxiety in the pit of our stomachs that won’t go away.  We would appreciate your prayers.

I am going to keep today’s post short but wanted to share two things with you that hopefully will help you with whatever “hurricanes” you are experiencing. The first is a song Brenda and I have listened to over and over again called the Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson.  The first line says,

In the eye of the storm You remain in control

The second is an editorial written by Max Lucado, an author, pastor, and man I greatly respect.   The three points he makes are very helpful no matter what storm we face.  I hope it is as helpful for you as it was for us.


4 comment on “Please Pray for Us!

  1. Cheryl Barber

    Praying for you all Warren!

  2. Kayleen

    Praying that you both can be light in the darkness, the Neon sign pointing toward a bed and breakfast that is not of this world, but one that brings eternal joy and rest.

  3. Lois Hoxie

    I will keep you in prayer. I have family who live down on Florida also.

  4. Gerry

    Know that I am praying. There is so much pain and also rejoicing. What a wonderful message. I am been wondering about these horrific occurrences and what they could mean to mankind.

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