The Prayer Stone Project


To become a Prayer Stone Partner, contact us at 315.682.4204 or



Connecting caregivers with those who care

At David’s Refuge, we believe in the power of prayer. In partnership with David’s younger brother and ceramicist, Daniel Pfohl, The Prayer Stone Project was born. Our goal is connect members of our community with the parents we serve. A new take on the worry stone, each stone is imprinted and hand-glazed by Daniel. This project is a tangible way to remind all caregivers: you are not alone, what you do matters, and God loves you.

Participation in the Prayer Stone Project is easy! Make a $20 donation and you will receive a packet including the first names of parents we serve, a blank note card, and a stone to keep.

  1. Write a note of encouragement to these caregivers – introduce yourself and include anything that feels meaningful to you! You may feel led to share your email address for future correspondence. Let the family know you’ll be thinking of them or praying for them by name.
  2. Return your note to David’s Refuge and our team will mail it, along with a corresponding Prayer Stone, to the family’s home.
  3. Keep the Prayer Stone and parents names somewhere visible. As you place your thumb in the stone’s groove, let it serve as a reminder of the caregivers you’ve chosen to support.

To be matched with a family through the Prayer Stone project, please contact us at 315.682.4204 or Your donation helps to support our weekend respite program which currently serves 250 families! We hope these stones will become a beautiful symbol of connection between your family and ours.