Four Years! We miss you David

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Four years!  Some days it feels as if it never happened, others like it was just yesterday.  As a family we huddled together in the hospital room.  Waiting.  Praying.  Struggling.  We knew we were going to be saying good-bye very soon.  His breathing was irregular.  He no longer wanted food or water.  The meds kept him sedated so he couldn’t feel pain.  Sadly it also prevented us from knowing if he could hear us.  We spoke as if he could.  We sang songs, held hands, and told him he had fought the good fight.  At 3:30 in the morning on October 22nd David took his last shallow breath.   He left us and was greeted by his Savior.  His once blinded eyes were open.  His muddled mind was clear.  His broken body was healed.  It is indeed well with his soul!

If you have been to the cemetery where David was buried you will see the following words on the top of his tombstone:

What Ever My Lot Thou Has Taught Me To Say It Is Well With My Soul

tombstone 2

Today I want to say not only is it well for David, it is also well for Brenda and me.  David’s story lives on despite the fact that he died and is no longer with us.  Every day we get opportunities to share David’s story with families who are still on the journey of loving and caring for their children with special needs or struggling with a fatal disease.  We get to remind them that they are not alone, that what they do as parents is so important, and that God loves them.

We picture David applauding our efforts and encouraging us to press on.  Today as you remember David, allow his life and death to motive you to seek out ways to leave your mark on this world.  Who can you love today?  Who can you encourage?  How can you pay it forward?  We would love to hear how David’s life has motivated you today to make a difference.

It is well with our souls!

0 comment on “Four Years! We miss you David

  1. Kathy

    Beautifully put, Warren! You & Brenda took David’s path and expanded it so that he lives on so wonderfully in others.

  2. Wendell Pfohl

    Love you Warren and Brenda

  3. jeanne sokolowski

    I always look for the picture of “David” with his amazing smile!! Thinking of you today..

  4. Dan

    Love you Mom and Dad

  5. nick cappoletti

    Warren and Brenda: David is an inspiration and goes on to inspire through everything you do!

  6. Maya

    I see David every day. His picture rests on my dashboard and when I catch a glimpse of him, I smile and am reminded this world is not our home. Thank you, David.

  7. Kim VanOrden

    I think of David pretty much on a daily basis. I helped care for him regulary, but I am reminded that it was really the other way around.David took care of me. He restored myfaith and brought so much joy into my life and my families. I talk to him regularly as I do God and I miss him terribly. His smile, joy, and laughter was truely a gift. I knew the day he went into the hospital that I would never see him again. Before I got to your house I was overwhelmed with tears and sadness that my friend was not going to be on this earth any more, but going home to our Heavenly Father. While that brought comfort, it was still overwhelmingly sad. David will forever be partof my soul and thank you Warren and Brenda for letting me be part of your sons life.

  8. davidsrefuge

    You are welcome Kim! He was blessed to have a friend like you.

  9. davidsrefuge

    What a great reminder Maya that this is not our home!

  10. davidsrefuge

    Thank you Nick!

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