A Taste of David’s Refuge

Join us for A Taste of David’s Refuge ~ You’ll leave feeling refreshed, restored and renewed ~ The same gift your attendance gives to local caregivers.

September 21, 2018 – Redbarn20, Cazenovia, NY | + Google Map

Meet our Honorary Chairs: Colette Powers and Matthew Dydo

Dear Friends,

Recently, Colette told me she joined the Development Team for David’s Refuge – an organization that provides respite care for parents & guardians of children with special needs or life threatening medical conditions. I remember hearing about the organization from an old neighbor, Fred Weir, a few years ago when our son Harry, who has Down Syndrome, was 15 years old. Fred must have thought it would be a good idea for us to get away, but like many parents with special-needs children we didn’t think much about it – we were too busy caring for Harry and our other children.

Since her involvement, Colette often speaks about this amazing woman Kate Houck, their Executive Director, and is always fired up about David’s Refuge! As I listen, I think, “Wow, this is so great for parents and how important it is for them to have an opportunity to get away.” Again, never thinking about it for us. Then one Friday, there was a last-minute cancellation for a weekend stay, Kate asked us to go and we got to experience what David’s Refuge is all about. We arranged care for Harry, and off we went. It started with a beautiful dinner at the Sherwood Inn. The next morning, we woke to peace and quiet – just the two of us. We talked, we read, we napped – we completely relaxed and reconnected. We discovered how distant we had become and didn’t even realize it. Do you know what happens when your wheels are constantly spinning caring for your child and then you stop for a weekend? You realize how fast you have been going and completely unaware of the most important person in your life – that was us. Thank you, David’s Refuge, for caring and helping us stop.

This annual Taste of David’s Refuge is an integral part of David’s Refuge’s ability to thrive and continue to serve families. ​We would be grateful if you would​ consider a sponsorship​ or purchasing a ticket to share this honor with us. ​

Matt Dydo and Colette Powers

Event Details

  • Date: September 21, 2018, 7:00 – 10:00pm
  • Place: Redbarn20, Cazenovia, NY | + Google Map
  • Tickets:  $125 per person. Contact Christine Corbett at Christine.Corbett@DavidsRefuge.org or call the office at 315.682.4204
  • Sponsorship: View our Sponsorship Opportunities and benefits. To purchase your Sponsorship, contact Christine Corbett at Christine.Corbett@DavidsRefuge.org or 315.682.4204.
  • More Details:: Tasting Stations by Beak & Skiff, Sherwood Inn, Unos Pizza, Carrabba’s, Yum Yums, Gannon’s and Pewter Spoon. Also, complimentary drinks by Beak & Skiff!
  • Your Emcee: Laura Serway

On September 21st we will celebrate the 5th birthday of our annual Taste of David’s Refuge event to raise funds to provide Care for the Caregiver.  Your support reminds these incredible parents that they are not alone, what they do matters and they are loved by God.

We hope you will join us for a taste of the refuge offered to our guests – the parents and guardians of children with special needs or life-threatening illnesses.

Beak & Skiff returns as our bar sponsor, and along with other restaurants who have served our guests will provide the evening’s food. A silent auction features relaxing getaways at the beautiful B&Bs and Inns that host our guests.  Flowers, spa services and other creative gifts will be awarded as well.

Our hope is that by getting a Taste of David’s Refuge, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, restored and renewed ~ The same gift your attendance brings to local caregivers.

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