Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

Quietly and tentatively she asked me, “Do you like it?”  I could hear the concern rumbling in her voice over the phone.  Without waiting for my response she asked a second question, “What do you think?”  Obviously she wanted to hear the words, “Wow, we love it!”  Her anxiety was fueled by her love and respect for us.  I paused for just two seconds and with total sincerity said, “Wow, we love the new branding of David’s Refuge!”

As many of you know David’s Refuge was selected by the ABC Creative Group in Syracuse, NY for a 24 hour Brand Bash.  This amazing group of people spent a full 24 hours working through the night to redesign our logo and our website.  They created an incredible video that professionally and inspirationally tells our story.  They produced some professional brochures, business cards, and other printed materials to use to help us share and live out our mission.  You can learn a little more by going to

To be honest, we were a little afraid of what we were going to see.  As the founders of David’s Refuge we can remember creating our first logo and website.  We included a small frog that represented our home on Frogs Whisker Lane, the first B&B where families came for respite and love and support.  This of course was the same space where we cared for David until he passed away.  We printed out our business cards on our home computer and created our first letter head.  Brenda worked for hours on colors, fonts, and what photographs to use to create materials that spoke of serenity, love, and warmth.  And now, someone was going to change it all.  Would it still represent the David’s Refuge we started?  Would it be a step further from remembering our humble beginnings?  Yet despite those concerns, I was able to say with total sincerity, “Wow, we love the new branding of David’s Refuge!”

Change is always a part of something that grows and thrives.  If you are seeking to be the best, if you are not satisfied with the status quo, then change is inevitable, unescapable, and good for you.  But it is hard!  Change has been a part of David’s Refuge from its very inception.  For one year we ran David’s Refuge out of our home.  We now use Bed and Breakfasts to create a loving environment to run our mission.  We started by offering three nights of respite, but now we offer only two.  We used to offer one meal and a spa service, but now we pay for both meals and no spa service.  I was once the Executive Director, but now Kate Houck leads with passion, excellence, and drive.  So when I was asked, “Do you like it?” I was able to respond with confidence, “Wow, we love the new branding of David’s Refuge!”

Of course, the mission has not changed!  We still and will always exist to:

Provide respite, resources and support to parents and guardians of children with special needs or life threatening medical conditions where they will be refreshed, restored and renewed in their role as caregivers.

Our values as well have not changed.  David’s Refuge allows parents and other caregivers much needed time to rest, reflect and recharge from the stress of full time care giving. We want others to know three things: that they are not alone, what they do matters, and there is a God and community who loves them.

And so with confidence we affirm our wonderful and creative and passionate staff and their willingness to pursue change and not settle for the status quo!

With gratitude we thank ABC Creative Group for their sacrifice of time and talent to help us tell our story with excellence.

With love I affirm the incredible privilege it was to partner with Brenda to start David’s Refuge!

With humility we thank God for the joy of being David’s parents and the “divine assignment” of loving and caring for him!  From the ashes of our brokenness, God brought forth David’s Refuge.  Wow, we love the new branding of David’s Refuge.


2 comment on “Don’t Be Afraid Of Change

  1. Kimberly Sarakos

    So very heartfelt! Just beautiful. I love it.

  2. Warren Pfohl

    Thank you Kimberly!

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