Your Hosts

Our Hosts

Our hosts understand firsthand the demands of caregiving, the loss of dreams, and the need for respite and self care. Your Host works in conjunction with the B&B or Innkeeper to ensure that the mission of David’s Refuge is carried out. They will contact you before your stay to introduce themselves, be there to greet you when you arrive, and join you during breakfast time each morning.

So often parents have a need to share their story with someone who has walked down a similar path in life. Our desire is to have a trained host, who has walked a similar journey, readily and unobtrusively available to every guest that stays at David’s Refuge.

As you leave, it is our prayer that you would be refreshed and ready to head back to the task of caring for and loving your children.
Warren and Brenda Pfohl

Meet Your Hosts

Your Hosts - the Pfohls


Warren and Brenda Pfohl understand firsthand the need for respite and self care, as they cared for their son David during his 13 year battle with Batten Disease.

Your Hosts - the Capuano


Tom and Lara Capuano met as college kids and have been married for 14 years. In their wild adventure together, they have welcomed five incredible children into their lives.

Your Hosts - the Weirs


Fred and Ellie Weir are filled with a wealth of wisdom and insight. They have been happily married for over 50 years and have been actively involved with helping people throughout their lives.

Your Hosts - the Bisnetts


Rob and Dana Bisnett know firsthand the stress of lengthy hospital stays, juggling childcare, and managing a household. They are busy parents of three boys and a girl, two of which have special needs.

Your Hosts - the Hallocks


Sasha and Sarah Hallock first visited David’s Refuge as guests and were amazed at the care they experienced. It was during the hardest year of their lives as they struggled to care for their son Judah who had recently been diagnosed with a rare genetic condition, called CDG.

Your Hosts - the Talbots


Hal and Careen Talbot know the pain and exhaustion caregivers experience, as they cared for their daughter Tracey and her young son for over ten years.

Your Hosts - the Paredes


Tony and Sara Paredes found David’s Refuge at just the right time in their lives. On his 5th birthday, their son Ethan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Your Hosts - the Healys


Steve and Gail Healy feel privileged to be a part of David’s Refuge. They both work in the human service fields; Steve as a program Specialist for individuals who have sustained a TBI and Gail as a Music Therapist – private practice.

Your Hosts - the Lincks


Kevin and Melissa Linck look forward to the relationships they will make as a host couple while at the same time giving support and encouragement to other special parents in need.

Your Hosts - the Fields


Jeff and Janelle Fields experienced the pain of watching a child suffer through traumatic illness when their 6 year old daughter Anna spent 3 months in the hospital due to a rare flu virus that attacked her heart.

Your Hosts - The Nodines


Ben and Jamie Nodine know firsthand both the joys and the challenges of living day to day life as parents of a child with special needs. Their oldest son, Joshua, was diagnosed early on with spastic, quadriplegic cerebral palsy.


Tom and Judie Murphy have been married 15 years and are the proud parents of three beautiful children, the youngest of whom has special needs.

Your Hosts - the Dwyers


Brian and Doni Dwyer met while studying at Roberts Wesleyan College. They have been married for 15 years and are the parents of two beautiful daughters, Brooklyn and Isabella.

Your Hosts - the Hakes


Dewey and Gloria Hakes have encountered and enjoyed people from all walks of life throughout their 50 years of marriage. Gloria has been teacher, test kitchen dietitian, seamstress, stay at home mom, and farm wife.

Your Hosts - the Namys


Jeff and Bitsy Namy have experienced many hardships throughout their 36 years of marriage. After rearing four children, they understand the pain and suffering of disability, disease and death.

Your Hosts - the Richardsons


Dave and Karen Richardson have been a part of encouraging families of children with special needs throughout the past 20 years.

Your Hosts - the Mitchells


Steve and Laurie Mitchell became involved with David’s Refuge through Eastern Hill’s Bible Church. Both have special needs siblings so they understand the value of a ministry that provides support to the families served through David’s Refuge.

Your Hosts - the NuHavuns


David and Judy NuHavun understand the effect loss can have on a family. After losing their daughter Emily in a tragic car accident in 1995, they experienced the stress and struggles losing a child can put on a marriage.

Your Hosts - The Littlejohns


Mike and Helen Littlejohn offer a wealth of life experience caring for children and adults with various special needs. After giving birth to four healthy children, they felt called to expand their family through adoption.

Your Hosts - the DiCosimos


Chuck and Gerry DiCosimo have been married for 43 years. Their first child, Christine, was born with Prader –Willi Syndrome, a complex multi-system disorder which presented a lifelong series of challenges for her and her family.

Hosts-The Dougherty's


Chris and Tom Doughty For 32 years of their 37 year marriage Chris and Tom have been caring for their son Scott at their home in Chili, New York (a suburb of Rochester). The challenge of striving to provide a ‘normal’ life for their three children when one requires special care is one that Chris and Tom have faced for years.

Your Hosts - The Coffees


David and Kristin Coffee have been married for 15 years and are the parents of 5 children. They adopted four of their five kids, all of whom have special needs ranging from Down Syndrome to deafness to global delays.

Your Hosts - the Hamlins


Eric and Daidra Hamlin came to David’s Refuge first as parents of a special needs child in need of respite.

Your Hosts - the Russos


Andy and Lori Russo have been married for 43 years. They are the parents of three adult children, a son and two daughters.

Your Hosts - the Hawkins


Bob & Cheri Hawkins first experienced David’s Refuge as guests and were amazed by the encouragement and support they received. They have been married for 20 years and have adopted three of their six beautiful children, four of whom have special needs.