Rhythm of Respite

Creating Rhythm

Join us at our Rhythm of Respite Events. David’s Refuge offers four events.

rhythm-datenite Valentine’s Date Night
Early February

An evening of elegant dining and adult company for parents while your children enjoy a fun filled carnival right down the road.
Summer Picnic

A picnic complete with food and fun for kids! We provide a safe and accepting environment for the families we serve to connect and enjoy time together.
rhythm-beautyofmom Beauty of Mom Event

An afternoon of pampering for the beautiful moms we serve. Each mom receives a makeover and photo session with local professionals. Food and drinks are provided as well!
rhythm-parentnightout Parent Night Out
Six months after your stay

Six months after your weekend, we invite you to enjoy a dinner out. David’s Refuge will provide a $50 dinner gift certificate and can also offset the cost of childcare for the evening.
rhythm-dad Recharge Relax and Roast – Dad’s Event

An afternoon full of manly activities including beer tasting and tour of the new Empire Brewery! The dads will also enjoy the amazing Fernwood and a giant BBQ. This year, it’s on October 22nd at The Fernwood in Cazenovia.