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Today is Rare Disease Day: Alone We Are Rare; Together We are Strong

Today is Rare Disease Day.  David's life was shortened by Battens Disease.  We know first hand the affect of living with one of these horrible diseases.   Today I am just writing to ask you to remember and pray for those who are boldly caring for and loving their family members affected by one of these rare diseases.  It can be a lonely battle.  The theme for this year is: "Join together for better care!" The following is a quote from the Rare Disease Website: Many people with rare diseases ...
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Looking to the Future: Where do you see us?

Have you ever had a question stuck in your head that just won’t go away?  Here are a few that have been bumbling around in my mind for the past six months or so.
  1. How big should David’s Refuge grow?
  2. Who do we need to hire to accomplish that growth?
  3. As we expand our sphere of influence how do we hold firm to our mission and vision?
  4. What will David’s Refuge look like in five years?  Or ten?
  5. How much will all this cost?
  6. Where will we find the ...
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It’s Time to Fill Your Tank: Marriage

The voice on the telephone line was obviously stressed. "I'm sorry but we are going to have to cancel our reservation this weekend at David's Refuge." After a painful few moments of silence the tears began to flow.  Rory just listened as the woman poured out the brokenness of their marriage.  She then said, "I wished we would have come six months ago." It sounded as if it were over.  No hope.  Too late.  "If only we would have....." Their gas tank was dry.  After caring for their children, ...
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This Place is Beautiful!: Words From My Blind Son

“This place is beautiful.”  Even without sight David knew the potential beauty that Frog’s Whisker Lane, the birth place of David’s Refuge, contained within its borders.  On his first visit to the property David stood in the open field, wondering why we had to leave the house and neighborhood he loved.  As he stood there he heard a noise and said, “What’s that?”  Mom said, “That’s a flock of geese flying overhead.”  He then turned his head as he heard something run by him and he asked, “What’s that?”  Mom ...
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Respite For The Weary Traveler: The Sherwood Inn

The founders of The Sherwood Inn had one goal when they welcomed a guest.  They wanted to provide "respite for the weary traveler."  Built as a stagecoach stop in 1807, the Sherwood Inn has been a favorite resting place for travelers and locals for over two centuries.    Located in beautiful Skaneateles, NY, which is known as the "Eastern Gateway to the Finger Lakes" guest can unplug from the daily cares of life, be pampered, enjoy excellent food, and find respite. It almost sounds like a commercial for David's Refuge, ...
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